Are you a college student? Do you like and agree with Bodhiroom’s vision and mission? Would you like to be involved in some way? If your answer to all of the questions was ‘Yes’, then do sign up to become a Bodhiroom Volunteer! 


Many of our instructors need help with tasks including:

  • Reposting the webinar details in your network like Instagram, Facebook WhatsApp, LinkedIn;
  • Reminding participants to join on time;
  • Helping participants of the webinar with technical issues;
  • Pointing issues out to the instructor e.g. camera angle is wrong, blurry photo, question on chat box etc.;
  • Taking photos during the webinar and group photo at the end;
  • Keeping up a friendly conversation with participants who join ahead of time;
  • Reminding participants at the end to complete the review form;
  • Uploading photos on the Google Photos link;
  • Describing how the webinar was to Bodhiroom after the event is completed;


Bodhiroom Volunteers are trained to assist instructors with the tasks above. They can then decide the dates when they want to be made available to help at webinars.


What are the benefits for Volunteers?

  • Getting to learn a new skill for free (you attend the webinar you’re chosen for, for free)!
  • Networking with new people;
  • The pleasure of using your free time to help someone spread knowledge;
  • We may invite you to intern with us on special projects;

Featured Volunteers

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Become a volunteer! Sign up here!

All of us have skills and life experiences that we can share. Bodhiroom is a platform where curious people, from all walks of life, can come together to learn for learning’s sake.

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