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Taste the Indian Wine Culture with Rhythm!

  • 05/07/2021
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Indians and wines have just met each other since past 2 decades as of now and it has been growing soo steadily within the country.

Salud! I am a 19 years old girl in India, doing my graduation in Travel and Tourism. And am a person who takes keen interest in the world of wines. Not to mention my certificates I’ve been collecting, like diploma in Wine Appreciation and what not. Wines for me have always been that fascinating luxurious world that always attracts me towards it. It’s like something that makes me excited and serious at the same time. Something that boosts the aromas of my heart towards it.

Wine making in India went widespread during the British rule during the 19th century. And as we examine the growing tourism industry, it has transformed over the years. People now are not just stuck to Scotch, Vodka or Beers. The present society is evolving more towards the western concepts, cultures and traditions and all of this includes the birth of Indian Wine culture too.

Indians crushing on Wines!

India being a country with high youth population. Gives opportunities for acceptance of new trends and cultures, where we see growing preference for wine culture boosting in upper and middle class families. People here, are now seen enjoying the western concepts of living and celebrating with wines. Thus, the evolving stucture of overseas culture is hiking the wine consumption in India.

The growing trend of Wine culture is directly connected to the Tourism industry. And to the beginning of more of vineyards in India. Am a person who when gets a pass time, starts scrolling Instagram. And that too specifically the wine pages. Okay, so here’s some sneak peak to my scrolling time. Well, mostly the pages I love, that give super awesome insights about wines and viticulture. I mean if we start from India, one of the best vineyards we see, would be Sula Vineyards in Nashik { Maharshtra } Other than that, you can also explore pages like, “winelibrary”, “wine spectator”, “sonalholland master of wine”, “”, and if we talk about International vineyards I personally follow are, ” pala wines” and “masciarelli wines.”

Talking of Wine consumption in India, it is evolving through different means. We can see people asking event managers to organize wine bar to the parties, functions and to the weddings. Also, if we observe it also has become a status symbol of gifting wines in the upper middle class families or people who consider the western culture as their thing.

Another thing that I found out while studying the data about Indian wine culture. It says that it is more of women population who are seen consuming more of wines!

Wanna stay at a Vineyard ?

Well we also see that the popular vineyards in India are offering stays at their vineyards, while you can savor the taste of aromatic wines. And enjoy the walks in their grape lands. And its something which is becoming trending in India at present. Spending time with nature, while you can enjoy and learn how to savor a wine properly. And relish your vineyard stay. In which of the most famous we have in India are Sulas’.

Second, if we talk about The Four Seasons Vineyards in Nashik. They are situated at Baramati in Maharashtra, this stay has only 10 rooms that have been done with royal décor and have four suites that have been named after some of the most popular wine regions around the world. You do not have to stick to just drinking wine here, but you could also explore the place around or go on a leisure walk or go biking.

And all this shows how people are turning thir preferences towards the wine culture, that the vineyards are even offering the stays and giving their best to the folks.

I like my choice of Wine!

As wine culture has come bit far in India, people are now likely to have their own choices in having wine. Because like if you talk to somebody normally in India about wines, so just they all know is, there’s only one type of wine and that’s Red Wine. But the people who prefer to enjoy the wine culture in India. Are more likely to have their choices in it.

Wines like Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, Rose` and many more. The demand for these wines have increased along the period. Well, all these differ from each other based on how much bodied they are. Light or high; have more or less sweetness; the amount of Tannis and many more qualities. Well all these qualities I’ll explain in some other blog.

Secondly, we see a trend of Champagne these days. Which is taken as an attribute of celebration. Well, champagne is a type of a white sparkling wine taken as a symbolization of luxury too.No matter it’s your date or you get a yess at your proposal or you are getting married or having a birthday bash. All of this must include a shower of Champagne! And all of this reflects the growing wine culture roots in parts of India.

Thus, wine industry in India is creating it’s base for future students to get their hands inside Wine Tourism. There’s a lot potential for hospitality and tourism students to make their future in this Industry.

Thus, to conclude I would say its just the baby step period of this industry, and there’s alot coming and waiting for Indians to explore this Wine Culture. It’s seriously going to be a perfect match of Luxury Tourism Industry in India.

And there’s a lot more coming. So, having my last sip of Rose`, only thing that comes to my brain while concluding this blog is, Salud! { cheers in Spanish }

Copied with permission of author from original post available here – some images/quotes have not been included. Rhythm is a travel and tourism student at Christ University, Bengaluru and a travel blogger.

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