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Moving Towards Colors from a Monochromatic Life

  • 31/05/2021
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We often wait to settle in our forever home, before thinking of decorating a space. But in today’s day and age, we cannot wait to buy a house to live aesthetically. Living on rent cannot be a barrier to live the way you want to. Renting should not stop us from converting our current residence into a house of our dreams. And with this thought in mind, when my husband and I moved into our first house, a rented unfurnished apartment in Gurugram, I knew I had to make the space ours. And this is where my journey into interiors began.


Hi, I am Shivani Singh, a media-technology corporate lawyer by profession and an interior stylist and a décor blogger out of passion. I have always felt an urge to make a space beautiful and enjoyed the creative challenge of having an idea and bringing it to life. I am someone who is perpetually pursuing pretty on a budget.


I think my inspiration began at home. I remember that my parental home in Lucknow was a topic of discussion among my friends during my school days. I believe both my parents are extremely creative in their own way. My mom is a huge plant lover, and she has grown a forest all around the house. She has a lovely taste in crockery, home linens and fabrics. Well, my dad is always on the move because of his job and wherever he goes, he transforms the place entirely, not thinking twice that it is temporary. I guess that’s something that’s stayed with me.


I believe my design style strikes a balance between vibrancy and subtlety. I like to play with colors, but I do not go overboard. I use elements from different styles while designing a space but still make everything come together and feel like one. And it is visible in the way I have styled our home. Our home reflects our personalities. You will see a balance between bold and peppy décor elements with elegant and timeless furniture. Transforming a newly constructed space is comparatively easier, whereas converting a rented apartment, that too on a tight-strung budget, is a challenge which excites me.


Now ever since I was exposed to the world of interiors through our own house and a few passion projects, I feel a growing and overwhelming need to express my creativity. And so, I am presently diving into the technical aspects of the field through online courses and building a network.


I feel that how we live has a huge influence over our emotional wellbeing. And it is crucial that people live in spaces which truly sparks joy. Knowing that I can help people out by converting their houses into happy homes gives me immense pleasure.

Shivani Singh is a media-technology corporate lawyer by profession and an interior stylist and décor blogger by passion. You can check out her stylish blog for idea on Instagram.

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