Learning Story – Vrinda U

  • 02/06/2020
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Hello! I am Vrinda. My journey to date has majorly been influenced by arts. 


I was in playschool when I started drawing and soon developed a liking for it. My school art teacher played a big role in my journey and I will always be grateful to her.


Because of my parents’ support, I decided to go for a career in arts and design. I went ahead and did Textile Design from NIFT. Those four years gave me a lot of practical knowledge about design and I was able to polish my skills and visualize better.


After graduation, my journey as a designer taught me a plethora of things, not just about this profession but also about people in this industry. 


It’s a very competitive and demanding profession, full of ups and downs.


But art has always helped me to be original and take each day with confidence. Art for me is the perfect form of expressing emotions, and also I don’t restrict myself to a particular style of art. 


I love exploring and learning more and more.


I started my Instagram page 2 years back by the name of @handsonbyvrinda. It’s been a great experience since then. I have created a lot of handmade gifts, paintings, decor items, and sketches.


It also helped me collaborate as a freelance designer and gave me the opportunity to be a part of many memorable stories of my clients.


After all these years, my love for art has only grown. I believe that it’s the most beautiful way of expressing oneself.


You can find images of Vrinda’s amazing work on her Instagram handle where you can also place orders and get in touch with her for collaborations.


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