Learning Story – Vani

  • 18/08/2020
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My name is Vani and I’m trying to find my style as an artist.


Art has always been a part of me even though I only realised this much later on in life. Even as a kid, I always loved reading comics or to be precise any book which had lots of visual content in it. I was never fascinated by the thickness of novels rather the cover page always intrigued me. I used to admire every artistic and colourful cover I ever came across.


Despite my passion for art I ignored its importance to me and carried on with a ‘boring’ life – studying, caring about my marksheets and before I knew it ten years had passed. Driven by the urge to find myself as I felt lost, I submitted to peer pressure and tried every possible hobby I could, including music, sports, poetry but I knew that these were just hobbies and I couldn’t use them as an escape from my normal life.


By the time I was in 12th grade, I was totally convinced that I wanted to be a Chartered Accountant – all thanks to my parents! Then one day, I don’t know why, I decided that I couldn’t take it anymore and I realised studying was not my thing. Art has always been an escape for me, and on that day I realised that no matter what else happens, I want to be an artist and I’m ready for each and every struggle that will come my way.


But my art skills were not great since I hadn’t been able to take out the time to draw for over ten years. In fact, during my class 12th board examinations fine arts practical, the teacher who came to grade us, told me, “You won’t be able to make it to any college because your work isn’t that good,” and “it’s easy to dream about stuff but it’s very difficult to fulfil those dreams.” Yes, I was disheartened but not beaten.


The moment I finished my board exams, I took art classes focusing on art program entrance examinations. I ignored all negativity and ended up clearing all the entrances that I appeared for. I finally got admission in College of Art, Delhi. I believe this was my first step towards success and to be very honest getting admission into that college was like a dream come true.


Gradually after so many sleepless nights and drawing day after day, I got better and improved my skills and to be very honest I’ve never been as happy in my life. I love what I do now and most importantly I enjoy doing it!

You can find out more about Vani’s work on her Instagram page. We would like to thank Vani for her contribution in helping build our social media presence.


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