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  • 05/01/2021
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My name is Tanu Gupta and I’ve been an animator for over 14 years. This is a story about learning about myself and my passion by running head-first into challenges and coming out the other side.


I’ve always been fascinated with lights and colors. Despite being in an allied field for more than a decade, I was never able to explore any physical medium of art due to time constraints. I was never able to pick up colors and brushes.


In March 2020,  one of my friends asked me join @doodlewashed’s Monthly Art Challenge with him. I joined albeit with a strong doubt that I would be able to finish the challenge as I was totally new to Instagram (I think I had 20 followers back then) and had never picked up brushes before. But surprisingly when I started painting a watercolor image on the first day, I fell in love with the medium to such an extent that even to this day, I still paint whenever I get the smallest opportunity.


During the COVID-hampered 2020, I had begun to run out of my already limited painting material, so I came up with the jugaad plan of painting on smaller sheets to conserve my inventory. Inadvertently, I began to enjoy painting minis!. In fact, I mostly paint in mini now.


I’ve thought about why I love watercolor painting so much. I think the reason is how the colors blend with each other. I really love the unpredictability of this medium. When i paint, It feels like I’m in a new world and creating magic with my own hand.


Since that initial challenge, I’ve kept participating in art challenges that happen on Instagram. The longest challenge that I completed was the “100 days challenge by @keshrt ” that started in May 2020 and I was among the top 100 winners of that challenge. The idea of the challenge was to paint every single day for a 100 days. Trust me, it was not at all easy to paint consistently daily without fail. There were many days during that period when I thought to leave in between. But I didn’t and that’s why I love challenges – they really give us a push to come out of our comfort zone. And now when I scroll back to my first post as part of the challenge, I feel so happy to see my improvement over 100 days.


I am so happy and feel blessed to get connected with great talents around the world and to have found so many good friends especially on the beautiful Instagram platform. They guide me, help me if I am stuck somewhere and that’s what has helped me to grow and learn. I learn something new with every artwork each passing day.


This year was full of exploring something which I had always wanted to explore. I’m glad that this year, despite being a tragedy for humanity, was at least fruitful in one very personal way. I am excited about tomorrow and what lies ahead.


Tanu is an animator and watercolor artist. You can reach out to her for orders and collaborations on her Instagram profile.

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