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Learning Story – Sushmita

  • 03/02/2021
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Art and music have always played a very important role in my life. I have been passionate about both of these creative pursuits since childhood. In fact, I remember that as a child I would spend most of my play time with art tools or musical instruments. These were all I needed to keep me entertained and enthusiastic.


As with many of my peers, as I grew older and got busy with academics, I relegated my artistic and musical hobbies to the side-line. I would estimate that I didn’t indulge in the creative fields for almost four years! Once I did resume practising art however, it was like getting back in touch with an old friend. By that time I had reached a place in my life where I was able to give adequate time to practising my skills. Despite the rollercoaster ride to get here, I’m glad I resumed my connection with art!


Over time, my taste in art has developed and I have been genuinely inspired by a lot of things. One art form that has inspired me greatly is Mandalas. I remember that a few years ago, I randomly started drawing patterns which I only later understood bore a strong resemblance to formal Mandalas. My interest in this art form increased more when I got to know about the significance and importance that it holds in people’s lives. The fact that it is considered to be a form of art therapy really inspired me to explore it further.


I believe, one should keep “exploring” and “experimenting” and let the creativity flow. I try to give all I have to all my projects and art works. Apart from Mandalas, I also dabble in abstract art, art on wood as well as canvas painting. It has been a wonderful journey so far only possible with the love and support from my near and dear ones!

Sushmita is a freelance Mandala artist hailing from Guwahati, Assam. She can be reached on her Instagram handle or via email at

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