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Learning Story – Shubham

  • 09/09/2020
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I am blessed that I’ve found my passion at a young age. But finding your passion doesn’t mean that the struggle is any lesser.


Hi, my name is Shubham and I’ve only recently graduated from school. My passion for marketing originated from all the books that I read growing up. The idea of telling a story as a means to selling an idea to the audience captivated me. But in the beginning I wasn’t sure how to develop my budding passion. So I resorted to YouTube videos and the expert advice freely shared by experienced professionals. These resources got me started on my learning journey.


After a few months, I decided that the next step in my journey was to put myself out there and try to take a step forward by actually applying the knowledge I had accumulated. So, I joined Fiverr which is a platform that aggregates freelancers. I joined with a lot of hope and optimism but that was quickly diminished as I didn’t even get a scent of a project. I admit, I was disheartened for some time. But eventually I stopped being down and forced myself to self-examine and see what I was missing. When I felt I had identified the issues in my profile, I went about solving them methodically.


To my surprise and relief my problem resolution worked a charm and I finally started getting projects. This was the next step in my journey however, as a the success of landing projects was followed by failures in satisfactorily delivering them. But again, it was a matter of patience, grit and self-awareness that got me through that rough period. Eventually I began to learn the practical aspects of marketing that I needed to execute projects and over a couple of months I went from struggling to deliver to delivering without fail.


After my experiences on Fiverr as a freelancer, I decided to work in a more structured manner and started working with startups where my work and impact was a bit more long-term. I have been working for the last eighteen months and it’s been a journey of learning, failure, learning and success – on repeat. Experience has given me the confidence to expand my avenues and I’m now looking to build my personal brand on Linkedin, the next frontier and next adventure!

You can check out Shubham’s journey on his Linkedin page.

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