Learning Story – Shipra

  • 04/08/2020
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My name is Shipra, I’m a home-maker and a hobbyist upcycler. For me upcycling means turning what most people would consider ‘trash’ into showpieces.


I have been inclined towards art since childhood. However, as is often the story in India, being enrolled in the science stream at school meant that I didn’t often get time to spend on my art.


My art journey resumed in 2014 however, when I took my first steps in upcycling. I began by recycling empty glass bottles and turning them into home décor pieces. It was a tough thing to get into, but I had the support of a lot of friends and family. However, disappointingly a few people also used to make fun of me. I’ve been called a ‘kabadi’ for collecting trash bottles whenever I used to see them.


Despite the criticism, I enjoyed my new-found hobby. What I loved about the exercise was trying out various art transformations on the bottles such as paitning them or incorporating clay art. I found the possibilities for upcycling and transformation to be endless.


I estimate that so far I would have transformed more than 200 bottles! I’ve also started foraying into upcycling other ‘trash’ items such as discarded light bulbs, waste disposable containers and many other daily items.


Apart from the art aspect I feel very satisfied by my chosen avocation because it feels like I’m doing my part for the environment. I hope my story has convinced at least a few people that ‘trash’ is only a frame of my mind and the human mind is flexible enough to see value in almost anything!

You can check out Shipra’s work on her Instagram page.

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