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  • 07/05/2020
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I was enraptured by the written word ever since I was old enough to lose myself in the adventures of The Famous Five. My parents motivated me to start writing and there I was, always roaming around with a journal in my hand.  

As I grew older and discovered more opportunities, I struggled to find where my true interest lay. I continued submitting articles to publications, but I never had the confidence to proudly call myself a writer. After studying English Hons. from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, and almost enrolling myself for a course in the USA that would take me further away from writing, an opportunity knocked on my door. I was introduced to the exciting world of travel writing and finally, I found something that could truly be mine. It’s been more than two years since, and I’ve traveled to five countries, taken magical trips within India, and written over 300 travel articles! 

Naturally, the quarantine has been a nightmare for me, but instead of wallowing in the sorrow of not being able to travel, I am now taking travel writing workshops! Through my online workshops, I aim to equip, guide, and inspire others to hone the writer within them.  

A lot remains unexplored and so much remains unwritten, but I know that every passing day only brings us closer to the glorious day when we all can step out of our homes, unhindered. Until then, I have my writing to embrace me in a warm hug.

Saumia is a travel writer and also hosts travel writing workshops. You can check out her work on her Instagram handle.

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