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  • 16/05/2020
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Hi, my name is Rohit Kumar (@sagebychance) and I’m a Behavioural Therapist, Certified Strategist and a Certified Whole Brain Practitioner. 


I work with people who find it hard to bring about a positive transformation in their lives no matter what they do. I have this vision to support those who want to grow and feed their fire. I strongly believe that fundamental changes are required in our attitude and behavior to accomplish the goals we set and to create the life we desire.


The reason I started doing what I do is that I found myself alone and had no one to discuss what I was going through. I couldn’t also afford to spend on expensive counselling. I realized that we all need someone (a third person) to talk to, express ourselves, and share our feelings. I had no one. So, I chose to be the one! 


There are many challenges in this industry but the worst is, you find people teaching what they never have practiced or lived. They might not have funds themselves but claim to give you a “Millionaire Mindset”. They may be messed up inside but claim to sort you out! 


Ignorance is the culprit here. People accept whatever is thrown at them, without question. I want you to understand that to enhance the quality of your life, you MUST ASK QUALITY QUESTIONS.


What motivates me? The people around me. They make me feel fulfilled and help me explore my highest potential. 


Bodhiroom has been one such platform that serves the purpose, they make you feel inspired. I too have conducted a session with them, and it was too good to see the level of participants’ energy and excitement. @Nakul has always been a kind support! 


P.S. I suggest you all to check them out, they have such a huge variety of sessions to offer, catering to everyone’s interests. 


Rohit is Delhi-based mental health practitioner with his organisation, ‘Thousand Thoughts.’ You can find out more about their work on their Instagram handle and their website.


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