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  • 07/05/2020
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Hello! My name is Rinki Verma and I am from Faridabad. I am a self-taught Mandala Artist. I started drawing mandalas as a way to relieve stress and balance my own emotions. The term mandala comes from the ancient language of Sanskrit and means “circle”; however, it is much more than that. For me, mandalas represent wholeness and inner peace. 

I have loved drawing since childhood and fine arts used to be my favorite subject in school. The art classes used to be in the last period usually and I remember waiting eagerly for each of them. I was often found doodling at the back of my notebooks during other lectures. Honestly, the art class was the only thing for which I used to go to school.

Drawing has always been an important part of my life. For me, it is a form of meditation. I also love doing watercolor painting, doodling, and calligraphy, basically creating whatever my heart says. I can sit with my color pens and brushes the whole day and often find myself managing other things around my passion. Given my love for drawing, art competitions were of obvious interest to me. I used to participate in every art competition from poster making, collage making to rangoli making and others. I had also won many of them during my school days.

My school art teacher has also played a big role in my journey as an artist. She was like my best friend who encouraged me to follow my interest in arts. She was not my favorite because she had brilliant skills but because she used to encourage her students to think. I am really grateful to her.

I often find myself being intrigued by flowers, patterns, and architecture. I also get a lot of inspiration from other artists on Instagram and Pinterest. I am not a full-time artist as of now but I believe that I can be one day. I realize it is not an easy path but I am ready for all the challenges. To share my work, I also run an Instagram account by the name of @rinkiartworks. Drop by sometime to have a look and talk about mandalas! 😀

You can find Rinki’s forays into Mandala Art, Calligraphy and other art forms on her Instagram handle.

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