Learning Story – Pratishtha

  • 07/07/2020
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I’m a pediatric doctor by profession. But this isn’t the typical doctor story that you might have heard before. When I was just four years old, I started learning how to embroider. I stuck with embroidery for more than a decade and by the age of sixteen I knew over a hundred stitches! But then of course, ‘real life’ happened and before I knew it, I had spent the next twelve years submerged in books, exams on repeat until I finally became a doctor.


While this lockdown has been a pause in the lives of most people, for doctors like me it’s been a really tough situation. It’s also forced me to introspect and realize how difficult it is to stay away from my family and especially to not be able to touch and play with my little kids. But of course, in these tough times there’s no option but to stay on the path. However, what I have started to do is focus on the small positive things that make me happy and, in this endeavor, I’ve rediscovered my love for that old friend of mine, embroidery! It helps me shed all the negative thoughts and experiences of the day. Recently, a fellow doctor also introduced me to the wonderful world of mandalas. This art form has also proved to be a great stressbuster.


My message to anyone reading this is to follow your dreams and most importantly, find ways to stay positive in your life. Positivity and creativity are all you need!

Pratishtha is a pediatric doctor and an amateur artist.

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