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Learning Story – Pooja

  • 26/01/2021
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Never give up on your dreams!


Hello, I’m Pooja Kamani and I hail from Rajkot in Gujarat.


Art is a huge field but brings joy to many people including me. It is one of the fantastic constants of my life and I’m always excited about anything new related to art and creativity. However, I would say my favourite thing within art is paper cut art. Paper cut art is an art form that originated in Japan and, as the name suggests, is created using a paper knife and a single sheet of paper.


I started my art journey with the Mandala art form but as it often is with life, you sometimes need a change to grow, so I switched to paper cutting in 2018. Paper cut art work is different from some other ‘wham-bam’ art forms in that it needs a hell-of-a-lot of patience. In fact, I would say patience is the big pillar on which this art form rests.


To become good at any skill in life, you need to be able to practice and work hard at it. However, for a while I was unable to devote too much time to my new passion because of the academic load that I needed to get through. I struggled a lot at that time, not willing to compromise on my academic career but also not willing to drop my passion for paper cut art. Somehow, I used to find bits and pieces of time, here-and-there during which I could work on the black-and-white version of the art form.


By 2019 I became very confident in my ability (yay)! However, at that point I realized that for me black and white paper cuts didn’t adequately represent my creative vision – I create in color if that makes sense! So, to make my work unique and personal I started on the path of incorporating color into my paper cuts.


Working with colors turned out to be quite difficult. From time to time I did struggle with progressing which made me frustrated and sad. But as always, patience and persistence won out in the end and helped me get over the block.


In my view, color is the joy of life! So I’m very happy with my present art works and for me 2020 was the year of “paper cut art with color.”


So my learning and advice is to never give up on your unique style. Find a way to create something and progress in anything is possible with practice, patience and perfection (the 3Ps). With these I was finally able to achieve my unique art style! Yahooooo!!!

Pooja is a paper-cut artist. You can reach her and see her work on her Instagram page.

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