Learning Story – Nakul

  • 07/05/2020
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I’ve been interested in learning for as long as I can remember. One of my parents’ biggest non-essential expenditures, when I was a child, was an entire World Book Encyclopedia set. For those who aren’t aware of the World Book – it was a set of 25+ books that was pretty much the Wikipedia of the pre-internet age, and it was expensive! Now that I’m an adult, I marvel at my parents’ belief in their young children that they could think of spending a significant chunk of their savings on something like that. I’m happy to say I didn’t disappoint them on at least that purchase – I devoured those books! That learning experience set up my curiosity for life. 

One of the things I questioned as I grew older was our mode of formal learning as children. I’ve come to believe that the manner in which learning is imparted is as important as the content itself. People learn in different ways but in general, I believe that a comfortable, informal, curious atmosphere with a well prepared, engaging instructor as a guide is a suitable solution for most people. Bodhiroom was intended to encourage this sort of learning, not for children who are being pushed to buttress their CVs for future jobs, but for adults who ideally have no other motive to show up for a Bodhiroom workshop other than to improve themselves. 

If you think that’s an idealistic sentiment, then you’re right it is. The experience of running Bodhiroom has been a varied one. I’ve met some superb individuals who’ve added to my life greatly. I’ve also met people who’ve made me want to ninja-kick them on their backsides. It’s been a year of running Bodhiroom, and I think the single most important topic I would wish for people to learn about is ‘The Golden Rule.’ I’m not going to explain what it is if your curiosity is piqued then go Google it and research it yourself!

Nakul is the founder of Bodhiroom!

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