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Learning Story – Meghna, Founder of SWAN Livelihood

  • 10/05/2021
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My name is Meghna Joshi and I am from Delhi, India. I possess an eclectic academic background with Commerce in school, Business Economics Hons. in graduation and Environment and Development in post-graduation. Professionally, I have also had experience working in the Corporate and Development sectors in project management and operations where I have honed my skills in training, managing and monitoring skill development centres and building capacities of the informal sector workforce. The collective experience of working in the Corporate and Social sectors and managing the operations of various skill development centres helped me in gaining a deep understanding of the pain points of the youth coming from different socio economic backgrounds. It also gave me greater insight into the problems employers who employ the young professionals. In an endeavour to resolve these issues through a systematic process, skill development became my passion that ultimately led to the seeding of my venture.


My venture SWAN Livelihood (Skilled Workforce Advancing Nation) is a start-up based out of Delhi, India. It focuses on improving the quality of youthful workforce through specially designed training programs and counselling sessions. Our mission is to bring smiles on scores of youth and develop a congenial atmosphere in the workplace with satisfied employers. We started our operations in January 2020 by empowering youth coming from the economically weaker society by designing a training curriculum that was focused on comprehensive in-class training followed by connecting the participants to the employers 

SWAN Livelihood Discover Your True Potential


During the Covid-19 pandemic, when the operations of all TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) institutions came to a complete halt which, naturally impacted the job aspirations of innumerable youth, we tried to further gather data about the ‘pain points’ people were facing – from youth in youth in lower socio-economic areas, to college students and even working professions (both early stage and late stage).


To tackle the situation and to provide counselling support, SWAN Livelihood launched a new up-skilling platform called ‘Skill-X’, which included specially designed workshops to train the youth for a competitive professional environment in a post-pandemic world and to acquire a learning for a life mind-set through a series of reflective modules, evoking creative consciousness through creative self-discovery. The workshops were well perceived by the participants with over 100 youthful participants benefiting from the program.

Meghna is the Founder of SWAN Livelihood, a startup based in Delhi that works on youth skilling. You can reach them on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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