Manya Jain (Instagram Quirkypediaa) is a highly-rated Bodhiroom instructor

Learning Story – Manya

  • 15/09/2020
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Having been an avid arts and crafts lover since childhood, I would eagerly wait for Art Class in school every week. You’d always find me doodling and sketching on the back of notebooks and filling up pages with drawings. I loved to create art work and dabbled in folk painting, mandala, origami etc; putting up my creations all over the house (I admit I got scolded by Mom a lot for it) and making handmade cards for my friends and family. 

My passion for painting, doodling, origami and DIY craft projects continued long after school ended and I’d often retreat into the world of sketches and paints as a reprieve from the stress of college and later, from the stress of my job. I had everything society deems necessary to be happy – yet internally, I was unhappy with my career and kept second guessing myself. I was unsure whether I had made the right choice professionally but upon sharing these insecurities with others, I’d get the same response –  ‘You have everything going for you! Why are you doubting yourself?’ However, the questions – Why am I doing this? Is this what I want to do? – kept running through my head in a loop. 

I have always been drawn towards cute, quirky things and tried my hand at everything from YouTube make-up tutorials to starting a business venture. Then one day, with a little push from my friends and family, I created an Instagram page – @quirkypediaa – to share my love for art with the world. As I began taking workshops, online and offline, and fulfilling orders for personalised gifts, it struck me that this was my true calling! My art is something that has made me happy since I was a little girl and it’s what I’d lost on my way to adulthood and also from ‘being settled’ in the traditional way. 

I’m certain that creating art and sharing it with people is what I am meant to be doing with my life! It makes me feel elated and, at the same time, completely at peace. 

Through the last year, I’ve also realised the importance of getting the basics right. If the foundation is strong, nothing is difficult to learn. Correctly understanding the basics of art helps in creating and learning any new style as the basics are the building blocks that will help you sail through any difficulty!

Through my journey, I have met all sorts of people, many of whom have tried to bring me down but those experiences have only made my belief in my own abilities stronger. We need to trust ourselves, not lose hope and keep going! Hurdles are a part of the journey and without them, life wouldn’t be as interesting!  

As I continue to work passionately, it has become clear to me that nothing comes easily in life. However, persistence and discipline can help us immensely even when we lack motivation. My advice is to just keep at it! My mantra is, “Just do not give up ever because the dawn of everything & anything is frightening.”

You can check out Manya’s work on her Instagram page. Manya is also a highly-rated Instructor who has collaborated on workshops with Bodhiroom. Check out her profile here.

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