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Learning Story – Mahima

  • 12/01/2021
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Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, this art transforms a flat sheet of paper into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting techniques. The variety of origami designs is quite impressive; it includes flowers, animals, geometrical figures, etc. but the most known origami model is a paper crane.


I grew up being passionate about all things unique and creative. Due to my artistic inclinations I decided to pursue an allied subject for my career which happened to be Graphic Designing. After taking my first steps in design I realised that there were many avenues where a budding young designer could leave her mark. The path I chose was in Event Styling, specifically Wedding Planning. Outside my occupation I’ve continued to develop my fascination and skill in Origami and am proud of what I’m able to create.


I believe that my objective in life is to keep growing as a person. To keep growing, your work should be able to make you learn and overcome creative challenges on a daily basis. In my job, I get to meet new people regularly, I have to open myself to listening to these people to understand their preferences and ultimately I’m invited to become a part of their celebrations. This is what drives me to give my best every day. I think I chose this particular field because it combines elements of the organized way of doing things that’s required in Design as well as the chance to satisfy my creative urges. Moreover, Wedding Planning requires décor and decorations which are essentially crafts! So I have come full circle in a manner of speaking. I always get excited and cheerful when I see the end result of our hectic event planning – beautiful creatives surrounding us and making all event attendees happy. The fun part is that I get to do different projects like DIY, intimate decor setups using origami art almost every single day.


“If I tell you that Artistry just happened one evening with a cup of chai in my balcony, YES, that’s exactly how the idea was born.”


Mahima is an Origami Artist and Event Stylist. You can check out her work and reach out to her on her Instagram page. She can also be reached at +91 9703639688.

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