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  • 11/08/2020
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As a kid, I used to draw a lot. I was primarily driven by the visual stories present in my environment. This love of art drove me to pursue a creative field in higher education. I have completed an art degree in various media and a Bachelors and a Masters in Design from NIFT Kolkata and Delhi respectively. I love to visualize and illustrate my thoughts and I feel art as a language is very powerful. One of the high points of being a designer was when I bagged the ‘Art of Reuse’ award from renowned brand Hidesign.

In my career, I started out as a product designer but I’ve now made the shift to User Experience or ‘UX’ and work with a big multinational as an experience designer.

When presented with the question of the difference between art and design, I feel that they are connected in all realms. The only difference I can identify is that art has no purpose other than to meet the aesthetic thought process of the artist. On the other hand, any art when created with a purpose becomes a design. I also believe that art is emotive and design is utilitarian; and when you merge emotion and utility you bring out the best in user experience.

My art page on instagram, @pen_pencil_pen, was started around a year ago but I wasn’t regular at it. But now I am extremely dedicated to the page, and since practice makes us better, I keep brushing my various art ideas via this handle. My Instagram page is really special to me and I would love to nurture it with more amazing artworks. I believe in getting inspired and inspiring others, so this platform definitely helps me in achieving that.

I feel one should know the basic art forms and techniques to be a good digital illustrator. If you know your lines well using a pencil then you can handle more complicated tools such as  Wacom or Apple Pencil as well. Thus the aptly named, pen_pencil_pen is my instagram handle.

I would love to keep implementing various techniques and aesthetics towards my design goals, thus finding a style which keeps me content and which my followers resonate with. I also love augmented reality (‘AR’), so I really want to design and create illustrations around AR, maybe with Adobe Aero, one of the many softwares, I have been recently researching.

I have learnt a few things in the short span of time that I have been involved in the design industry and one of the key learnings is that every artist should do their ground research before jumping into any artwork. Most of the time, illustrations can be sensitive because it depicts an environment, thus we need valid information while creating any facts-oriented illustration.

“A rationale for our irrational creations, is the key to growing as an artist but more importantly, growing as a human being.”

You can find out more about Kanistha’s work on her Instagram page.


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