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  • 07/05/2020
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My name is Hera and I am doing my UG in Commerce from the University of Delhi. I know Commerce and Art are two parallel lines that can never intersect. But I had my own reasons to pursue it.

It all started when in high school we were given a bunch of projects and I thought of trying calligraphy. I bought a pack of very basic brush pens from a local store and watched a couple of videos on brush calligraphy and learned some tricks. I practiced like a thousand times and finally got a hang at it!

I then thought of sharing it on Instagram. I wanted to have an identity that is unique as well as that goes with my personality. After a long thought, I decided to go with the Japanese word ‘Meraki’,  which means a person who puts their heart and soul in whatever they do.

Slowly and gradually, I reached my first 100 followers, got my first commission project, my first collaboration, my first feature, my first video, my very first workshop and since then there is no looking back from there.

I soon started with my own product line, including customized notebooks, bookmarks, key chains, photo frames, and a variety of other things. I also started to get offers from various colleges to put up my stall during their fests. It was a great opportunity for me to reach out to more people with my art. People loved the idea of gifting handmade products and the response I received just melted my heart.

My journey has not always been rosy, it had thorns too. My father never approved of my art and thought it to be a waste of time. He always thought that it would not help me in any way and I would never be able to earn from it. My mother has been my biggest support and my brother and friends always kept my morals and hope high.

Art has also helped me to overcome the depression and all those suicidal thoughts that used to have in school due to various reasons. Today I feel proud to know that most of my college mates know me by my art. My school friends don’t think of me as an ordinary girl. To date, I have collaborated with 15+ college societies and a few corporates too. I hope to give the same love and good vibes via my art to all of you as well!

Hera is a student and self-taught artist based in Delhi, India. Apart from her burgeoning art classes, she also uploads her creative work on her Instagram handle.

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