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Learning Story – Garima

  • 08/02/2021
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Hi, my name is Garima and I’m a self-taught (and passionate) singer.


I would say that my singing journey truly began in school in sixth standard which was 2006. We got a new music teacher in this year, Mrs. Srivastava, whose love for music and excitement to share that love with her students inspired me to take singing seriously. Her guidance in music helped me than and ever since.


Apart from practising singing more diligently, life went on for me as it does and I entered my college years. The next big event in my musical journey happened in 2014, when I was one day going to attend a class at college when I was passing by a school which stood just in front of my college. I stopped because I noticed a group of girls in playing together in the school playground while also singing along to a patriotic song. Their joy in being together and singing from the heart really struck a chord with me. I later learned that that particular school was an all-girls school that was devoted to underprivileged children. Because of the impact that simple event had on me, I decided to volunteer my time at the school for five months and focused on helping the girls with sports and game training.


During my college years, I feel that my singing career also flourished. In 2017, I participated in ‘Indian Youth Singer’ a national-level online signing program. I ended up as the 2nd runner up in that competition.


In 2017, after completing my MBA, I entered the IT sector as a professional. I’ve tried to keep up my singing career in parallel but I admit that it can be difficult to manage both my job and singing. But I’ve definitely tried. In fact, I participated in ‘Rising Star – Aawaz Hi Pehchaan’ competition in 2020 and ended up as the runner-up. Despite the difficulties, I love singing and I’ll keep trying to find ways to keep my dream alive.


People sometimes think that because of my job I have a lot of money in my pocket to pursue my passion. But in reality, the only think I have in my pocket is a dream which I’ll do my best to make true.


There are a few people who I want to mention because they inspired me for over a decade to stick to singing – KK, Richa Sharma, Shreya Ghoshal, my music teacher Ms. Srivastava and my friend Anokhi.

You can check out Garima’s work on her Instagram page or Facebook page.

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