Learning Story – Chakshita

  • 21/07/2020
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By profession, I am a first year student of St. Stephen’s College in Delhi University pursuing Philosophy. But by by passion, I’m a budding artist. I mainly focus on three artforms, Mandalas, Zentangles and Doodling. 


I was 15 when I first started scribbling various patterns, characters and shapes on my question papers, when I used to finish my exams a little early. I collected all of those papers, and stored them in a folder. I still have them with me and plan to keep hold of them forever!


I have self-learnt art, by exploring Pinterest and YouTube, collecting tiles on which I used to see Mandala Art, improvising my doodling by watching cartoons on TV, and brainstorming patterns on paper to get better at Zentangle. These are not just things that I did in the past, I continue to follow these learning techniques even now. I have even opened myself to more tutorials now, and online courses as well. 


I am a travel freak as well, I love clicking pictures of my artwork with beautiful backgrounds, so my travel and my art go together. I make it a point to carry my sketchbook, and my art tools whenever and wherever I’m traveling.


All this used to be my hobby at first, but now it’s my passion – I do it every day. Moreover, Mandala art and Zentangles actually have a psychological aspect too. Practicing these art forms has really helped me increase my concentration, calm my mind and sustain my attention for longer on things that I’m doing. 


I really get motivated to do better when I get compliments for my art as well as feedback for things I can improve upon.  It was earlier this year that I first planned to impart my skills to other people as I felt confident enough about my work and delivery style. I have been conducting workshops, both offline and online. My audience ranges from children to senior citizens. I’ve taught these art forms to many people including through workshops in my college and through collaborations with different pages on Instagram for workshops. 


This journey of mine, sounds like a cakewalk but I have and continue to face challenges every step of the way. It’s not easy to convince people about your skill and to convince them to do workshops with them. It’s also not easy to devote every day to your art along with your studies and to look for the right audience. It’s not easy at all. But when I turn and look back, I see how much I’ve grown. I’ve learnt from my mistakes. I’ve been consistent in sharing my work with people so that they recognise it.


I believe that nothing is hard to learn, but most things are hard to master. And to master something we have to practice it every day. I believe that if we’re honest and dedicated to whatever we’re doing then one day it’ll all pay off and we’ll thank ourselves that we did not give up.


And just to mention, at the end, I really relate my name to art because ‘Chakshita’ means ‘eyes that see with a different perspective’ in Hindi. That, to me, is what art is, it is beautiful and never meant to be judged.

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