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Learning Story – Abhinav

  • 08/01/2021
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‘Always believe in yourself and never give up’. It might seem like just a simple phrase but it has really applied to my art journey.


Art is one thing that has fascinated me since childhood. But over the years the meaning of art for me and my priority within it has changed and evolved into a focus on sketching. Sketching is my passion and I’m working hard on improving the set of skills that I require to fulfil my ambition of becoming a realistic portrait maker.


This journey towards my ambition hasn’t been easy. There have been many instances of frustration, anger, and complete sadness at the process and outcome. Becoming good at sketching is not easy. Practice and patience are the two pillars on which mastery of this skill is based. But in my case, these two pillars were missing earlier due to which my early works did not look particularly great.


I started portrait sketching in 2017 when I was in the 10th standard and board exams were on the horizon. It was a big year for me academically and the expectation of performing well lay heavy on my shoulders. At the time, because of academic pressure, I was unable to put adequate time into sketching which would have helped me hone my craft.


After the board exams (I scored 86%…yay!) were over however, my focus became much clearer and stronger. I realised that there were abundant resources available on the internet. Artists like Shubham Dogra, thesketchmaker inspired me a lot – from helping me choose the right set of pencils to learning how to shading perfectly. Ultimately I realised it was all possible due to practice and perfection, the two pillars that strengthened my skill the most. I was finally able to achieve the kind of result that I had always wanted and dreamed of!

­Abhinav is a Delhi University student. You can follow him and his art on Instagram.

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