Learning something new…again

  • 02/03/2020
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Hi All! This is our very first blog, and before we begin…well…ruminating, we have two questions for you off the bat – 1) When was the last time you felt that you learnt something new outside of work…it probably has been a while right? 2) Do you feel that genuine, meaningful conversations are somewhat drying up…slowly albeit surely? Our answers to both questions were thunderous ayes. But then again – who are we?

The Bodhiroom Story

We are the founders of Bodhiroom, a recently started-up venture through which we are trying to rediscover and, in our own little way, develop a culture of learning from people. We genuinely believe that everyone has skills, knowledge or life experiences that he or she can share and from which others can benefit. Simply put, Bodhiroom is a platform to facilitate this knowledge and experience sharing.

Having known each other for the better part of a decade, the idea of Bodhiroom was conceptualized, like most good things, while we were catching up over beers. Our original idea was inspired by ‘night schools’ in the US witnessed by one of our co-founders during his undergrad days. In these ‘night schools’, professionals and students choose to volunteer their free time and teach courses to other adults looking to expand their knowledge or develop new skills. Finance professionals, for example, conduct sessions on the basics of personal finance to people who may not even understand the time value of money and hence lose out in the competition that is life. Imagine the impact that such classes could have in a country like India!

How can we help you in learning something new

In the long run, we envision Bodhiroom to be a place or a platform where people can come and share their skills and experiences with others like them. Grandiose visions aside, this is a tough task to go about especially since we believe that something like this doesn’t really exist currently even in urban India. Hence, we decided that we’d have to put our money where our mouths are and actually start hosting events in Delhi NCR with small groups of people and an instructor who isn’t necessarily an expert.

Bodhiroom’s recent event “Sketching for Beginners”. Our instructor Swati is a talented self-taught artist!

Each event focuses on learning about one topic and the array of subjects to choose from is literally endless – from basic poker skills to pencil sketching, and from improv comedy to experimenting with podcasts. There are two key principles that we adhere to –

  1. Keeping our events limited to about 15 participants, and conducting them in cozy, living room kind of settings. We believe that the learning experience is exponentially enhanced if the event is kept small and informal.
  2. Having not just subject matter experts as our event instructors, but anyone who pursues their passion and has an interesting story to tell. This, once again, resonates with our philosophy that everyone has something of value to share. In this process, we aim to develop our own expertise in working with potential instructors to create an event plan and prep them so that they have the confidence to host their first event and then to take off independently from there.

We have done 5 events till date and it’s not exactly been easy…we can tell you that quite candidly. Not only do we need to compete for people’s time with other events but also with Netflix et al. Moreover, with traffic and the weather being what they are, there’s a lot of inertia that folks have to overcome to actually attend a session. However, the response to our events has been quite encouraging and has kept our going strong.

I would probably have watched a random TV show and lazed around all day. Attending this event really made something out of my Saturday! I felt creative and learnt a new thing or two

– A participant in our “Intro to Improv” event

All things considered, we love what we’re doing and feel passionately about it! We’ll keep working to build Bodhiroom and hopefully one day Indians will pick it up as the next big idea.

Next time we’re going to discuss Podcasts!

All of us have skills and life experiences that we can share. Bodhiroom is a platform where curious people, from all walks of life, can come together to learn for learning’s sake.

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