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    Priyanka Verma

    Priyanka Verma, Instagram Artwork handle @creativemillennia
    ​It all started during my kindergarten days, and ever since then I am fond of colours, sheets, paints and paintbrushes. During my school days, I had participated and won many Drawing Contests. I also took up freelancing artwork for quite some time during my teenage, though I had never taken any formal training in this field. It has always been appreciated, motivating me for doing more and better. But I always kept my passion alive.

    ​Currently, I am working in the Consulate General of India, Birmingham, United Kingdom. I do my work passionately whether it is my profession or my hobby. I would also like to mention that I was a very sincere student. I always stood amongst the meritorious students of my class, so much so that I could not think of taking up this side of me at a professional level during my higher studies and beyond. But I always had a collection of my tools with me, helping a self-taught artist to hone her skills whenever she could.

    ​Amid a crisis, it became a blessing in disguise for me, at least. This quarantine phase is helping me steal so much time for my hobby – my creative artwork.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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