What does ‘zero waste’ mean?






What is zero waste?

The ‘it’ factor

Hear from multiple voices about what they consider ‘zero waste’



Experience level required



4 minutes



Can it be learned in a day?



Our review

The alarm about climate change, Greta Thunberg, plastic waste that dominated most of 2019, will emerge again once life returns to normal after the pandemic. Climate change and preserving the environment are without a doubt the biggest issues of all of our lives. Environmental damage is also driven largely by society’s consumer culture and wastefulness. You may have heard of the terms sustainable living and zero-waste in connection with having a lower impact on the environment, but what do these terms actually mean? This video brings people who are directly involved in ‘green industry’ to speak about what they think ‘zero waste’ means. If you’re interested in learning more, you can attend our upcoming class ‘Zero Waste Living on a Budget by Rohini‘.



+ Multiple people from the green industry share their perspectives

+ Zero waste definition looked at from perspective of source, destination and daily activities.



– It would have been nice to hear from people not directly working in the green industry as well.

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