Stubble Burning Problem in India




Climate Trends


Stubble Burning – the ground reality

The ‘it’ factor

Presents the voices of people actually involved and not talking heads in a studio



Experience level required



7 minutes



Can it be learned in a day?



Our review

Smog and air pollution has become a yearly event in North India, especially in the national capital Delhi, around Diwali time i.e. October. The cause is known – stubble burning by farmers in Haryana and Punjab, who are looking to quickly sow the rabi crop after harvesting the kharif crop. While most news channels and articles decry stubble burning and its deleterious effects on air quality and hence health, not many speak to people on the ground to get a clear understanding of the issue.



+ Presents voices of farmers, scientists, observers and politicians

+ Explains the problem simply

+ Subtitles are spot on

+ Takes a stand but is not jingoistic about it



– Portrays organic farming as the solution while early in the video it is recognized that farmers only have 15 days to get their land ready for the new sowing season. Downsides of organic solution are not presented.


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