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In case of any pre-existing health conditions or fears about health issues, please consult your doctor before undertaking any exercise.



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Our review

In this time of self-isolation due to a pandemic, it’s important to find ways to maintain one’s health and physical well-being. Unfortunately, not all of us have the space or equipment at home to replicate the gym experience. Thankfully, this is where Heather Robertson’s excellent no equipment, no repetitions workout routine comes into play. No-equipment’s advantage is obvious, but the advantage of no-repetitions is that one doesn’t get bored repeating the same movements with diminishing returns.



+ Complete body workout in half an hour

+ Low space usage

+ No equipment required

+ Doesn’t get boring

+ Clear video quality with excellent camera angles

+ Time wastage is minimized – the breaks between exercises are used to preview upcoming exercises



– HIIT workouts are not for beginners. Trust us, you can get exhausted really quickly

– The previews could also have shown animations to ensure that proper form is maintained while doing each exercise

– HIIT is a cardio-heavy routine and may help burn calories but without equipment you may not end up building much strength.

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