Elements of Great Storytelling





The Atlantic


What’s the Most Important Element of a Good Story?

The ‘it’ factor

You get to hear from some of the most important people involved in story-telling.



Experience level required



3 minutes



Can it be learned in a day?



Our review

Great storytelling is important not just for authors/film-makers but also for social media marketers, content creators, influencers and in fact for all of us in our everyday lives. But how do you get the audience to pay attention to what you have to say? In this video, some of the most renowned authors, writers, film-makers, directors and producers share their thoughts on what makes a story great.



+ You hear from heavyweights of storytelling

+ Interviewees thoughts are concise

+ Although everyone doesn’t say the same thing – there is a common thread that runs through it


– No drastically different opinions – for example why do ‘slice-of-life’ stories work?

– Interviewees are mainly White Americans; diversity would have been more interesting. For example would Chinua Achebe have had the same views on storytelling?


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