Challenges in Online Education

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 Stokes Twins




The Challenges Of Remote Learning During A Pandemic: One Teacher’s Story | Forbes


The Problem With Online Classes


The ‘it’ factor


Shares a teacher’s personal story in adapting to online teaching


 A funny but honest look at online classes from students’ perspective








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 4 minutes








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Our review

Online learning has become a forced daily reality with the onset of COVID-19. It remains to be seen how the end of the pandemic will unwind the central role classes on Zoom and Google Meet and Google Classroom have taken in education. However, even before the pandemic, online education was gaining ground as a way of imparting reliable education to a larger number of people. For those of us who are no longer involved in the formal education sector, it is important to watch these videos to understand issues that both teachers and students face so that we can understand how things will change over time.



+ Very honest portrayals from both parties

+ Luckily watching both videos in turn provides an excellent contrast about the challenges teachers face vs. those faced by students


– The production quality of the teacher’s video could have been better (for e.g. subtitles)

– The students’ video is clearly for entertainment and tone is very different from that of the teacher’s video

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