Indian Tribal Art







Tribal Art And Culture | #IndiaKaDil | Epified

The ‘it’ factor

Beautiful animation and background music



Experience level required



5 minutes



Can it be learned in a day?



Our review

Many of our instructors have been introducing workshops on Indian traditional art forms that have been taken up with gusto by participants. India is a large and ancient country and it goes without saying that there are many art forms practiced in the nation. The tribal art forms are unique in that they continue to be practiced by the tribal people of India who are the earliest-known inhabitants of the land. Some of these tribal art forms have been in practice since 3000 B.C.E! This video takes you on a audio-visual journey of these incredible arts.



+ Fully animated video

+ Weaves a story

+ Patient narration

+ Traditional Indian music as background adds to atmosphere


– Focused only on the state of Madhya Pradesh. Would have been nice if it covered the rest of India as well.

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