Instructor Terms and Conditions


Important Terms


General Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions laid out in this document exclusively concern the relationship between the Instructor and Bodhiroom for the purposes of collaboration on a workshop or webinar. Instructors are also subject to the general user terms & conditions laid out in


Acceptance of Terms

  • Email acceptance of these terms constitutes formal acceptance of the terms and equivalent to sharing a signed physical copy of the terms.
  • Filling out the Instructor form for experienced instructors on also constitutes formal acceptance of the terms and equivalent to sharing a signed physical copy of the terms.
  • The onus is on the Instructor to understand these terms and conditions prior to accepting them.


Minimum Age of Instructors

The Instructor must be 18 years of age or older to collaborate with Bodhiroom. Under Indian law, contracts with minors are null and void.


Lead Time

Please note that for effective set-up and promotion of your workshop/webinar, Bodhiroom needs all details from your side by at least 10 days prior to the date of the workshop/webinar. Any delay beyond this date will necessitate postponement of the workshop/webinar.


Plagiarism and Intellectual Property

  • Any images, videos, words, social media posts or any other media used by Bodhiroom that are not explicitly supplied by the instructor, are the sole intellectual property of Bodhiroom. Instructors cannot use Bodhiroom’s intellectual property for their own purposes without Bodhiroom’s prior explicit permission.
  • Any images, videos, words, social media posts or any other such asset supplied by the Instructor to Bodhiroom to be displayed on Bodhiroom’s website, social media or any other platform must either be the Instructor’s own creation to which the Instructor retains full rights or a public asset with a license allowing for unrestricted use including commercial use. Bodhiroom will not be liable in any way for the Instructor’s plagiarism or use of copyrighted assets without permission, whether intentional or unintentional.
  • If you are unaware about what is plagiarism, you can read more on Wikipedia.


Modification of Terms

Bodhiroom reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms at any time. Bodhiroom will inform you of the amendments (if any).


Right of Service

Bodhiroom reserves the right to refuse to work with any instructor at its discretion.


Nature of Service

  • Bodhiroom is building an aggregator for workshop/webinars. As such its endeavour is to ensure standardisation and automation to the extent possible. Bodhiroom is not an event organiser and does not commit to customising any of its processes, offerings or policies for any individual instructor.
  • Bodhiroom uses a third-party webinar platform for its webinars and third-party physical locations for its in-person workshops. Bodhiroom is not liable or responsible for the operation or maintenance of either the webinar platform or venue locations.
  • Bodhiroom will endeavour to aid Instructors with their needs from time-to-time but is not liable nor responsible for any services other than in fulfilling its role as a workshop and webinar aggregator.
  • Bodhiroom does not guarantee ticket sales. Workshops have in the past been cancelled due to low participation and may be cancelled in the future as well. It is the Instructor’s responsibility to manage their own expectations.


Instructor Responsibilities

  • The Instructor is solely responsible and liable for the content of his or her workshop or webinar.
  • It is the Instructor’s responsibility to ensure that his or her network and hardware is sufficient to deliver good quality content over Bodhiroom’s chosen webinar platform (currently Google Meet). The Instructor’s network speed must be at least 3.2Mbps for uploads and downloads.
  • It is the Instructor’s responsibility to ensure that he or she is sufficiently knowledgeable about the features and layout of Bodhiroom’s chosen webinar platform (currently Google Meet).
  • The promotions that Bodhiroom does for webinars it hosts, are value-added services designed to spread the word as far as possible. These promotions are not designed to create demand from scratch. Instructors should aim to market their own webinars within their networks as much as possible.
  • Online Class Details:
    • The Instructor is responsible for seeing the format of online class details on Bodhiroom’s website and editing their own proposal according to the same. Bodhiroom may reject a proposal where there is a clear lack of effort in the details.
    • The Instructor should submit properly edited text details. They can use the aid of grammar/typo checking software online for e.g. Grammarly.
    • Instructors should edit and submit the images for their class themselves. The images should be above 500 kb in size (high definition), free of smudges or stains and cropped to a square shape (1:1 ratio).
    • The cover image submitted for a hobby class (e.g. arts and crafts) should be an image of the original work created by the instructor, free of plagiarism/copyright issues and ideally the same artwork that will be taught in the class. If there are multiple images being submitted, then the image showing the artwork that will be taught should have a badge mentioning so clearly.



  • Bodhiroom charges 15% of all ticket sales for workshop/webinars undertaken in collaboration with Bodhiroom unless overridden by a valid, prevailing offer which the Instructor is eligible to avail.
  • Instructor’s share of the revenue for a workshop is transferred on the first Monday immediately after the workshop via the mode of payment specified by the Instructor.
  • Bodhiroom will not be liable to reimburse the Instructor in case the Instructor specifies an incorrect mode of payment.
  • All costs related to the workshop/webinar/webinar, other than the promotions that Bodhiroom chooses to undertake at its own discretion, are to be covered by the revenues from tickets sold. Bodhiroom does not bear any part of the cost of the workshop/webinar or webinar other than those it voluntarily undertakes at its own discretion.


Workshop/Webinar Quorum

  • Bodhiroom does not guarantee ticket sales of any workshop/webinar.
  • Currently,
    • For webinars
      • The instructor can, at their discretion, choose whether or not to conduct the webinar if there are less than 3 participants at the scheduled start of the webinar.
      • However, if there are at least 3 participants at the scheduled start of the webinar, the instructor must conduct the webinar else they are in violation of these terms that they have agreed with Bodhiroom.
    • In any other scenario where the Instructor decides to cancel the workshop/webinar, the Instructor is solely responsible for bearing cancellation charges including any venue charges and refunds to participants.
    • Bodhiroom frowns upon instructors deciding to cancel webinars without following the conditions stipulated above, and will likely blacklist said instructor from engaging with its platform in the future.
  • Bodhiroom is committed to small, informal workshops to maximise interaction between the instructor and participants. As such the participant limit for each workshop is 25.



Tickets for workshop/webinars undertaken in conjunction with Bodhiroom can only be sold via Bodhiroom and not through any other person, organisation or platform including the instructor himself/herself.



  • Instructors may create their own promotions for workshop/webinars undertaken in conjunction with Bodhiroom however, all such creatives must prominently display Bodhiroom’s logo upfront.
  • Bodhiroom does paid promotions for workshops on a selective basis.
    • Paid promotions will only be done for webinars which Bodhiroom feels are likely to have good participation.
    • As the funds used for paid promotions are Bodhiroom’s and are not recouped from the Instructor, the Instructor has no say in how these funds will be used.
    • Bodhiroom has observed that webinars which see ticket purchases in the first 2 days of promotions are more likely to have adequate participation. Hence Bodhiroom’s paid promotions will be front-loaded for the first 2 days of promotion. If after these 2 days, there have been no ticket purchases for the webinar, Bodhiroom will end paid promotions and advise the instructor accordingly.
    • Paid promotions will not be done returning instructors with an average overall rating lower than 4 out of 5.
    • If audience interest in the webinar is low during the first 3 days of promotion, as evidenced by nil ticket sales, then Bodhiroom may halt paid promotion of the respective webinar. Bodhiroom will apprise the instructor before halting paid promotion.
  • Bodhiroom reserves the right to display images submitted by the Instructors on social media to promote the website or specific online class. Bodhiroom will never claim to be the author of the images or content of the images unless the image has been modified by Bodhiroom in which case, on enquiry, Bodhiroom will specify the modifications made by it.


Discounts and Offers

In the normal course of business, the Instructor and Bodhiroom will mutually decide any discounts and/or offers to be initiated for the Instructor’s upcoming workshop/webinar. However, if any one party wants to introduce a discount or offer without the agreement of the second party, then the first party will bear all costs related to the discount or offer including ensuring that the second party gets it share of revenue as per the originally agreed ticket price.


Workshop/webinar Venues

Workshop/webinars will only be finalised at Bodhiroom’s existing preferred venue partners. While, Bodhiroom truly appreciates instructors who share venue preferences and contact details outside of Bodhiroom’s existing partners, for the sake of a seamless workshop/webinar finalisation process it is necessary to ensure that time is not wasted in approaching new venues for upcoming workshop/webinars. Bodhiroom makes every effort to onboard non-partner venues suggested by instructors for future workshop/webinars.



Instructors must take photos of the workshop/webinar and share the same with Bodhiroom for Bodhiroom’s website and social media. These photos should include 1 group photo at the end of the workshop/webinar. The photos and videos must be uploaded on the website or online album shared by Bodhiroom.


Instructor Rating and Review

  • Bodhiroom conducts a feedback survey at the end of each workshop/webinar which involves rating the instructor. Bodhiroom can share the results with the instructor on request. If the instructor does more than one workshop/webinar in conjunction with Bodhiroom, Bodhiroom reserves the right to publish the instructor’s ongoing ratings and reviews on its website and/or mobile app to help potential participants make an informed decision.
  • Bodhiroom will not under any circumstance modify or hide a participant’s review and/or rating given to an instructor at the instructor’s behest.
  • Bodhiroom will not under any circumstance share the reviewer’s name of any other details with the instructor.


Customer Refunds

  • Bodhiroom will not be responsible in case workshop/webinar participants are unhappy with their experience. Instructors have to let Bodhiroom know whether they are open to refund participants in case participants are unhappy with the workshop/webinar delivery. Bodhiroom will advise the aggrieved participants accordingly.
  • Bodhiroom offers the following network-disruption-related refunds to webinar participants. Instructors will not receive their share of the revenue for the associated refunds.
    • For webinars or other live online events, since the video conferencing platform is operated by a third-party and is a shared resource accessed on the cloud, Bodhiroom will only offer refund for network issues when the issue is clearly due to the instructor’s ​own network. On a practical basis, this will mean that Bodhiroom will offer customers network-disruption-related refunds only if complainants have tried to access the event over a network with upload and download speed of at least 3.2Mbps as clearly stipulated by Bodhiroom for all its live online events AND if half of the live online event’s participants or two participants, whichever is higher, report an inability to access or attain value from the event due to network issues, subject to the complainants providing (1) a screenshot of the network-related error that they faced during the event (2) a screenshot of their device’s network speed as per


Materials and Logistics

Instructors are solely responsible for arranging for all required materials and equipment for their workshop/webinars and associated logistics.



It is the instructor’s responsibility to pack up and exit the venue on time. Some venues are strict about this and may demand a charge in case there is a delay.



The Instructor may not sell or advertise products and services of any other individual (except their own) or company (including their own), other during the workshop/webinar without the prior permission of Bodhiroom.


Dispute Resolution

  • This Agreement and the relationship between any Instructor and Bodhiroom, unless otherwise stated in a separate agreement between any Instructor and Bodhiroom, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India and jurisdiction of the High Court of Mumbai.
  • Any dispute or difference whatsoever arising between the parties out of or relating to the construction, meaning, scope operation or effect of this contract or the validity or the breach thereof shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Rules of Arbitration of the Indian Council of Arbitration and the award made in pursuance thereof shall be binding on the parties.
  • The Instructor and Bodhiroom mutually agree that in case of any dispute or difference arising between the parties, the parties shall attempt to reconcile the dispute or difference mutually for a period of 30 days prior to engaging an arbitrator to resolve the dispute or difference.












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