Frequently Asked Questions


How should I price my webinar?

Bodhiroom leaves pricing up to the instructor. Our recommendation is to put yourself in the participants’ shoes and ask yourself the question, ‘what would I pay to attend a similar webinar.’


We have observed that ticket prices upto Rs. 300 are the most successful at attracting audiences however, this is also heavily dependent on the content and interest in the topic.


How many participants can I expect in my webinar?


In our observations ticket purchases are driven by the following major factors:


  • Ticket price (See “How should I price my webinar?”
  • Interest in topic (How unique is the topic, How cool is the topic, Is the skill useful in daily life etc.)
  • Attractiveness of the promotions (High quality images of great content work best)
  • Fame of instructor


Minor factors that may impact ticket purchases include:

  • Date/time chosen (e.g. workshops during festivals will do poorly)
  • Fixture congestion


I expect x, y, z things in my webinar

Please align your expectations with the instructor terms and conditions.


Bodhiroom should do less workshops OR Bodhiroom should make my workshop more prominent.


Please align your expectations with the instructor terms and conditions.


Bodhiroom is a workshop aggregator whose aim is to create a platform for community learning. From the business side of things, Bodhiroom’s model works on scale i.e. the number of workshops on Bodhiroom’s platform needs to be high for the concept to work.


We offer the same services, resources to all our instructor-partners without preferential treatment.


Think of Bodhiroom as a mall for learning. Only if the mall has many shops (some selling the same goods) does it become a go-to destination for customers. So basically, while your share of the pie may be smaller than if Bodhiroom only highlighted your workshop, the overall pie is larger because Bodhiroom is known as the destination for workshops.


I am feeling unhappy because my webinar did not sell enough tickets


Please align your expectations with the instructor terms and conditions.


Bodhiroom is a workshop aggregator and not an event organiser. We offer value-added services to attract an audience to each workshop but this is an art and not a science. Also in certain cases, despite Bodhiroom’s best marketing efforts there is just not enough interest in a workshop as discussed in “How many participants can I expect in my webinar?”


Also please consider the risk/reward dynamic that Bodhiroom has created for you. Apart from the potential inconvenience of having to cancel a slot for which you had reserved time, there is no downside to you. Bodhiroom absorbs all risks including monetary risks up until the point that the workshop commences.


I may be a novice but I don't want to go through the Bodhiguru training or test workshop

The Bodhiguru training is a service that Bodhiroom provides to first-time instructors with no expectations of anything in return. Our training webinar is free-of-cost and although we set the participant limit and price for the test workshop, the entire revenues from that workshop are transferred to the instructor.


Novice instructors should realise that Bodhiroom is a brand whose fate is partially in the hands of its collaborating instructors. Hence if a novice instructor were to be allowed full freedom to do a workshop and it resulted in less-than-happy participants this may have a huge impact on the Bodhiroom brand. This is why we have the Bodhiguru program. It is meant to enable novice instructors to be better instructors than the rest by realizing some important facets of conducting workshops.





Can I get a scholarship/free access to a workshop?

No, being a business we do not give free access to our workshops. As we’re not an educational institute we do not have any scholarship program.


Can I get a discount to a workshop?

Discounts to Bodhiroom workshops are basis coupon codes that may be won in an ongoing scheme/offer/contest. There are no assured discounts and Bodhiroom will not offer discounts just upon asking.


Can I get a refund for on a ticket I had purchased?


Please see our terms & conditions as well as the event details for the workshop which you’ve registered for to understand our clear policy on refunds. The onus is on you to be acquainted with the policy prior to purchasing a ticket.


To summarize, we do offer refunds in the following instances:


  • Cancellation of the event from our side;
  • Clear issue with hardware/network of webinar that impacts a majority of participants i.e. cannot be attributed to poor hardware or network of the participants themselves;


We do not offer refunds in the following situations:


  • Participant is unable to attend for whatever reason;
  • Issue with participant’s network or hardware causes them to be unable to attend or enjoy the workshop – hardware and network requirements are stated clearly in all event details;
  • Participant is unhappy with the instructor’s teaching style or content of workshop;
  • Participant’s expectations were not met by content of workshop;


For Bodhiroom’s business operations, a transfer of a participant’s ticket to another workshop is not possible as it is equivalent to a refund.


I don't have the recommended internet speed for your webinars. Can I still attend?


Google recommends that users of Google Meet, it’s video conferencing service, have at least 3.2 Mbps upload and download speed. Without this minimum internet speed it is likely that participants will have a poor experience during the webinar.


While, we will not stop anyone from purchasing a ticket, it is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that they’re reading through and understanding all workshop guidelines prior to purchasing a ticket. Bodhiroom will not be liable for a poor webinar experience due to the participant’s own network.



Do you do workshops for children OR Can my child attend a workshop?


Bodhiroom workshops are primarily intended for adults although we do not have a general policy against disallowing children except that children under the age of 16 years must have a parent/guardian accompanying them to a workshop or near them during a webinar in case assistance is required. However, individual workshops may have specific age limits.



Can I get a certificate for attending a Bodhiroom workshop?


No, our workshops are intended to be ‘learning for learning’s sake.’ Moreover, we’re not an academic institution and hence we are not comfortable issuing certificates.



Will Bodhiroom provide the required materials or equipment for the workshop?


This depends on a workshop-by-workshop basis. For workshops where participants will be provided materials, this will be specifically mentioned in the workshop details.


For webinars, participants will need to arrange their own materials/equipment except in the rarest cases.




Other Inquiries


I want to feature my work or my learning story on Bodhiroom's platform, how do I do this?


There are a few ways for you to display your work on Bodhiroom’s platform:




All of us have skills and life experiences that we can share. Bodhiroom is a platform where curious people, from all walks of life, can come together to learn for learning’s sake.

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