Bodhiroom & Friends Episode 2: Playing poker with aunties in casinos!

Time: 37 Minutes

In this vastly improved episode, Bodhiroom talks to its first guest – Shiven. A cricketer, poker maverick, corporate hotshot, director… the list of descriptors for Shiven is long. We talk about his love for Mumbai, how he was a better cricketer than Mr. Hardik “yeh meri bandi hai” Pandya and much more!

Music credits: Karthik Subramanian and collaborators
Youtube channel: KarthiksMusic
Songs: Nee Dhanaa and Yeh Bataa De (edited)

All of us have skills and life experiences that we can share. Bodhiroom is a platform where curious people, from all walks of life, can come together to learn for learning’s sake.

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