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I am pursuing my Undergraduation from University of Delhi. I have always been inclined towards art and exploring new sides of creativity. I always found Brush Lettering satusfying and no it has been an year when I do it too. I love sharing my experience and knowledge with others too. Fun fact : If you love sweet "Sooji Golgappa" you have my heart.

Calligraphy for Beginners

Date: 29 February 2020
Starts at: 12:00 am
Duration: minutes
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The second workshop with Bodhi Guru Hera, TheMerakiGirl saw a lot of happy faces with excitement to learn and explore the art of Calligraphy. Participants learnt various techniques on how to write beautiful letters through various exercises and activities. The whole session was filled with pure love for art, eagerness to explore by practicing while having fun and connecting with like minded people.


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- Priyanka Yadav


- Ritika Bhateja

Amazing experience

- Shruti Vig

It was a nice experience, I really enjoyed it🤗

- Swati

Amazing experience

- Deepika

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