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Hi folks, my name is Pooja Patel. Most of us have different ways of finding peace in the chaos. Some of us like to go for a walk, some like to listen to music and many other things. Art is my way to find peace or you can say drawing things out keeps me calm and patient amongst the chaos. I started drawing mandalas 3 years ago, when I came across a page on Instagram. It fascinated me, the intricate designs, the colors used and the beauty of it. I started practicing it, from the basics to the advanced. From then, till now it has been a great journey, and I've loved every part of it. This pandemic has given us all a chance to reconnect to our hobbies or develop new one. Hence, here I am, to proudly share my experience and knowledge about the mandalas with all of you and guide you to make a design of your own.

Basic Mandala Techniques with Pooja

Date: 05 July 2020
Starts at: 05:00 pm
Duration: minutes
Ticket Price:
Maximum Number of Participants:
Required Prior Experience:

Mandalas are the artwork of the East – they are widely used in many Eastern cultures but are strongly associated with Buddhism You would likely have seen these geometric, diagrammatic, colourful pieces in a monastery with monks chanting as they prepare their art. Mandalas are used to represent the cosmos and the wholeness of all things. Not only is this art beautiful, the act of creating it is meditative.


Instructor, Pooja, started drawing mandalas 3 years ago when she came across a page on Instagram. She finds that drawing mandalas requires a lot of patience and concentration. She hopes with this workshop, she’ll be able to teach the participants to draw these beautiful mandalas with all techniques.



  • Steps to draw a symmetrical circular mandala;
  • Creating patterns to fill the mandala;
  • Few tips and tricks while drawing a mandala


Important Points:

  • Participants must have:
    • Blank white paper;
    • A black /blue pen with a fine tip(0.3/0.4/ 0.5 mm);
    • A ruler and eraser;
    • Compass (rounder);
    • Protractor;
  • Participants under the age of 16 must have a parent/guardian present during the webinar to help.
  • You don’t need any prior experience to attend this webinar, just an eager mind would do;
  • Instructions will be in English, but the instructor is comfortable with Hindi as well;
  • You will require a laptop with a functional microphone and webcam to join the webinar. If you intend to join on your mobile, you will need to download the free Google Meet app;
  • You must have a good WiFi speed of at least 5 Mbps. A 4G connection will not suffice!
  • Process: After you have purchased your ticket, you will be sent a calendar invite for the webinar within a day. This calendar invite will be sent on the same email id as you have used while purchasing the ticket. Please do remember to RSVP! On the Friday prior to the webinar, you will be added to a WhatsApp group created for the webinar to facilitate communications;
  • Please note that Bodhiroom only refunds the ticket price in case of cancellation on part of the organiser. There is no refund in case the participant is unable to attend and no possibility of re-using the ticket for another workshop;
  • For any queries/assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at workshops@bodhiroom.com;
  • Please note that instructors’ opinions are their own. Bodhiroom is not involved in content for workshops and encourages participants to do their own due diligence on workshop topics;

Customer Reviews

It was a great session. It was fun. The instructor was really good And talented. She was very clear with the instructions.

- Sakshi Sharma

Technical issues with instructor's screen and could share more about mandalas.


Great workshop! Video could have been clearer, was slightly blurry.


It was really good like how she covered from the basics to the end and she was really creative. Her designs really good.

- Gayatri

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