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A big deal Techie and Electronics-Hardware Engineer by calling, an independent Photographer (, and A Nature Enthusiast ( who cherishes working with plants and making Terrariums and exploring different avenues regarding planted aquariums during his spare time. I found the delight of working with plants and cultivating at an early age when I used to visit my local and see my Grandparents retouching fields and preparing them for the manor. Even with the fact that I've made significant progress from the ranches and working on the tech now, the adoration for plants despite everything proceeded. I moved to Delhi around 5 years back and with the want to keep exploring my enthusiasm about plants I established TheGreenMachines in 2017. TheGreenMachines is significantly about terrariums, kokedama, and planted aquascapes. With a slogan of Jungle In a Jar, I have been making a wide range of all shapes and sizes of terrariums, kokedama, bio-bottles and planted aquascapes. Furthermore, as of late I've been breeding shrimps and snails that work out in a good way for a self-supported planted aquariums arrangement. Follow me on Instagram and feel free to ask for any plant-related discussions or queries.

Make Your Own Terrarium

14/09/2019 12:00 am
New Delhi

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