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Hi, I am Aishani Dhawan born and brought up in Ludhiana, Punjab and currently residing in Mumbai. I am a banker by profession and an artist by passion. I mainly work on graphics, doodling and mandala art. I am active mainly on instagram and facebook by the name "The Graph Palette" The Graph Pallete is a designing space which aims at converting your thoughts or imagination into reality and focus on the mantra : THINK.CREATE. INNOVATE! We provide customised products/ originals as well as prints of all the art work. The products range from visiting cards, e-invites, brochures, logos, stickers, pop sockets, mugs, t-shirts and many more.

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Geometric Eye Mandalas with Aishani

2020/07/11 4:00 pm

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Geometric Eye Mandalas with Aishani

It was an amazing workshop! I loved learning something new, geometric eye mandala 💕! Looking forward to more such interesting and creative workshops by bodhiroom!

- Aaliyah Singh

Geometric Eye Mandalas with Aishani

I really enjoyed it ! And you are doing hood job by organising these classes .. its great to learn something new in this pandemic!!

- Ashima Singh

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