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I am primarily a watercolor/oil based artist however i experiment with gouache and acrylics time to time to build skills and challenge my own creativity. My signature works vary from galaxies to starry nights. I am also a therapeutic art coach and conduct pattern workshops and indulge in color therapy to help relieve stress and manifest dreams ! My goal is to spread my knowledge and like CassArt says - " Let's fill this town with artists !!!"

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Liner Sketch Painting with Akriti

2020/09/12 3:30 pm

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Liner Sketch Painting with Akriti


- Meenal

Watercolor Galaxy with Mountains by Akriti

It was a very good workshop. The instructor was very patient and keen in her techniques. Overall, it was interesting.

- Vyshnavi

Watercolor Galaxy with Mountains by Akriti

Workshop was good and informative. Instructor was very happy to share as much knowledge as she can..❤

- Sheetal Bandgar Vaidya

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