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Instructor, Shruti is an Emotional Well-being and a communication coach. She has been a public speaker and trainer for the last 6 years. Few years back, she was introduced to the spiritual world where she started learning Meditation practices. She is also an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Coach. She has been helping people with their emotional health for quite some time now. She is also a Chartered Accountant and a Theatre Enthusiast."

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Take Charge of Your Emotions with Shruti

It was a very helpful session. More such sessions should be included because most of the people are suffering with anxiety and stress in all age groups. Mindfulness is something everyone should know and practice.

- Sakshi Sharma

Take Charge of Your Emotions with Shruti

It will be really helpful and looking forward to join more webinars like this Thanks to Shruti for giving tips to take charge of our own emotions.

- Neha Jain

Take Charge of Your Emotions with Shruti

It was a wonderful session.

- Monika Popli

Take Charge of Your Emotions with Shruti

I think the event was great.

- Vaasu

Dealing with Struggling Relationships by Shruti

It was a great workshop! All the points dicsussed were practical and do-able, with anyone we have a troubled relationship with. Liked how the approaches were made easy to understand and remember by deriving short forms. Thankyou Shruti! :)

- Shubhangi Verma

Dealing with Struggling Relationships by Shruti

Different relationship scenarios can be discussed more in detail and look into the solution aspects. Very good session, informative, thank you.

- Sreekumar

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