Rohini Ravee Ramanathan

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Rohini is the founder of Quest For Eco, an initiative aimed at increasing awareness about environment sustainability. Through Quest For Eco, she takes up sustainability consultations and conducts workshops to help more individuals and organisations smoothly transition into an environment friendly lifestyle. She also has a YouTube channel and Instagram page dedicated to raising awareness about sustainability.

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Zero Waste Living on a Budget by Rohini

2020/11/28 6:30 pm

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Zero Waste Living on a Budget by Rohini

It was an amazing workshop, very much interactive and had fun. Time flew. loved the way concepts were explained in simple terms.

- smrithi

Zero Waste Living on a Budget by Rohini

Very informative and the tips, aids, demos done were very impressive.. The entire structuring was amazing and well thought of Appreciate the initiative and drive to spread the message around and get more people involved fo this noble initiative God bless you always with success for taking this up at such an early stage

- Venkat Balan

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