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Hi. My name is Rinki Verma. I'm a Creative Mandala Artist, Watercolorist and Calligrapher. I teach Mandala art. I've conducted 20+ Mandala Workshops and taught 150+students. I studied Fine Arts as a subject in higher classes. I love drawing since childhood and Fine Arts was my favorite subject in school days. My school art teacher has also played a big role in my journey as an artist. She was like my best friend who encouraged me to follow my interest in art. She was not my favorite because she had brilliant skills but because she used to encourage her students to think. I am really grateful to her. To share my work, I run an Instagram account by the name @rinkiartworks and my facebook page is also @rinkiartworks

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Floral Mandala Art with Rinki

2021/02/13 3:30 pm

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Floral Mandala Art with Rinki

Rinki was very patient while teaching and clarified all the doubts. She made us write notes for future remembrance. Gave a very personal touch and it was learning and practicing mandala with her.

- Shreya Bhutani

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