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I am a Product Development Consultant by profession.I stay in Hyderabad with my husband. Staying in an urban lifestyle with a tight work schedule usually makes us forget about ourselves and our hobbies/ interests. But out of all the odds, I try to take out time for my passion in gardening; be with vegetable plants, flowering plants or foliage plants. I love being around them and care for them in organic ways. Gardening is very therapeutic and indulging with nature. It was a really very peaceful and fulfilling experience. Gardening helped a lot in understanding the sustainable ways of coexistence with mother nature. I started my blog on Instagram as @amateurplanylady_ exactly a year before to connect with like-minded people to learn more about this and share my love too. I have approx 150+ plants which includes flowering plants, vegetable plants and ornamental plants too. I am glad the craziness started a couple of years before and I took my hobby as a passion. I can definitely say that this has surely made me a better person. I would love to spread my share of knowledge which I got from my experience and moreover the mistakes I made. As Alfred Austin said "Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are."  

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Home Gardening with Raina

2020/06/20 3:00 pm

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Home Gardening with Raina

The workshop was very informative and enjoyed it. The only thing that could make it better is to take a single topic per workshop of maybe 1 hr session each.

- Ritu

Home Gardening with Raina

My mother enjoyed the Session very much

- Sakshi Sharma

Home Gardening with Raina

Great session by Raina, loved all the tips and suggestions.


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