Paakshantar Social Enterprise

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Karishma & Aparna are architects by qualification, who chose to quit their main stream jobs and work on grass-root sustainability, inspired from a Delhi based NGO, 5waraj (Dialects, Diets, Dresses, Dwellings and Dances & Songs). Together they found Paakshantar, head office in New Delhi. It is a zero-waste social enterprise working on water conservation through a circular economy model, by creating local and 100% natural products. These products have immense health benefits, don’t pollute water on usage and also offer strong co-benefits such as providing opportunities to local people for sustainable livelihoods.

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Make Your Cleansers at Home!

This class was really superb, it's very useful for us.

- Kanakashri

Make Your Cleansers at Home!

It was thought-provoking and inspiring and provided very valuable information for sustainable living

- Fathima Nezrin MP

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