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I am Namita Sayani, founder of Namita Sayani Image Consulting. I am an Image Enhancer and a Life Transformational Coach. I am passionate about helping homemakers, business professionals, teenagers, young graduates and individuals build their personal brand by guiding them on their appearance, behaviour, communications and digital presence, because your personal brand is what differentiates you from others. I work with people on crafting their personal brand that is bold, compelling, authentic and unique. I personally feel that every individual must look good and well put together as you are making connections everyday and in order to build that trust, you need to look professional and confident and always ready for success. To be seen as a charismatic individual one should be good at making lasting first impressions. People often forget what you say but always remember how you made them feel. Making others feel good in your company makes you a magnetic personality. Give special thought to your dressing, grooming, body language and etiquette together they can help you achieve your dreams and make you successful.

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Smart Fit Fashion – Make Your Body Type Work for You

It was very informative n enlightening workshop. Namita ma'am was very sweet to answer all our questions and guide us.

- Roopal Sasdev

Smart Fit Fashion – Make Your Body Type Work for You

Was fun to attend and learn

- Rasika Durge

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