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Sakshi Gupta is an artist by passion and a civil engineering professor as well as PhD scholar by profession. She is the owner and founder of नkshbyसाkshi™. She is a passionate self-taught artist blending traditional ideas with contemporary art. Art has always been a therapy for her as it's a stress buster and an amazing mind-fullness comes with it. Her work is related to her passion in zendala, mandala and zentangle executed in various media. She has also developed her skills in Warli folk art. Her goal is to inspire others who see her work and help them look carefully around the world to discover it’s calmness and beauty. She focusses on the mantra: Create to Create and Innovate!!

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Modern Warli Bookmarks with Sakshi

2020/08/15 5:30 pm

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Modern Warli Bookmarks with Sakshi

Completely loved the way it was explained,totally a new form nvr heard before!😍

- Pranika Goyal

Modern Warli Bookmarks with Sakshi

Very interactive really love it

- Anonymous

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