Chandni Agarwal

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I’m a 21 year old self taught artist for whom the world of colours and art is a happy escape. I picked up some sketch pens at the age of 5. And have never been able to part with my stationery since. I try to add colour to everything I do and sometimes all one needs to make a new colour is some black and white.  I’ve loved to always explore all kinds of art forms of styles however the one that stuck the most to me is Hand Lettering.

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Hand-Lettering with Chandni

2020/08/15 2:00 pm

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Hand-Lettering with Chandni

That was an amazing session. Learned a lot. And chanadani is an amazing tutor

- Namita

Hand-Lettering with Chandni

It was a very great session we had with chandani. very informative and fun learning with her.

- sneha

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