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I am a practicing Graphologist and Graphotherapist. I have sent the last 12 years working with brands, organizations, and people from all walks of life. The most amazing part of my journey has been to reveal the behavioral aspect of a person's personality with 95% accuracy. That is an average from ~20,000 analysis I have done so far. Right now my focus is to convert this service into technology and help companies find the right fit of employees and save on the wrong hiring costs which run in millions! Teaching this science is like a therapy for me, I absolutely love interacting with enthusiastic people and spread scientific knowledge about the science of Graphology.

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Signature Transformation with Sneha

2020/07/26 5:00 pm

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Signature Transformation with Sneha

Great session and very informative.. would like to take it up further..

- Rupali

Signature Transformation with Sneha

It was an interesting and an informative session came to know many details about the signatures… Thanku so much , looking forward to more 😊

- Saariita Kapur

Signature Transformation with Sneha

Theme was very good , systematically organised ,Got our signatures analysed , Got some tips for good Signature

- Raman

Signature Transformation with Sneha

thank you fr thi7s session….good to know about how signatures tell about your personality☺👍 Also how does one pursue further on this science?

- Anonymous

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