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Ms. Ashmita Dhawan is the Co-Founder of Talk Nest, a Counseling Psychologist and a Student Mentor to young learners. She holds a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and an Ontario Graduate Diploma in Gerontology, the scientific study of ageing. Having worked in India as a Mental Health Counselor, Ashmita has dealt with individuals going through depression, anxiety, relationship problems, work performance and body image issues. She has also worked as a Hospice and Palliative Care Professional in Canada with children and older adults suffering from terminal and life-threatening illnesses like ALS, Cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's disease, COPD, multiple sclerosis, etc. Her education and training has made her effective working with a wide range of clients from children to young adults, with an emphasis on senior populations. Besides clinical experience, she also conducts skill-building, stress management workshops to equip individuals in identifying their problems and working towards them. Ms. Dhawan is also a Content Consultant and has developed content pertaining to mental health, which has been used in websites as self-help resources.

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Customer Reviews

How to Remain Sane during COVID-19

It was a nice experience overall.

- Shourya Gupta

How to Remain Sane during COVID-19

I really liked the balloon activity. Instructor explained it in very simple language and it was easy to understand

- Abhishek

How to Remain Sane during COVID-19

Interesting webinar. I learnt some really good techniques in a short span of time. I would love to attend more such workshops on Mental Health

- Sonali Seth

How To Improve Your Sleep Patterns with Ashmita

Wonderful Session ..Hope for more sessions on these lines

- Raman Arora

How To Improve Your Sleep Patterns with Ashmita

Good session, trainer well presented different scenarios, information was good, also if we can add practical sessions for different ailments or conditions of people that would be a great discussion.

- Sreekumar Menon

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