Ankita Basu

I do not quite remember the first time I got a panic attack, or the first time I had these chain of thoughts that gradually became deep rooted. Initially, I would think that this is how humans function, this is how the mind works, and this is what adulting actually is. But since the moment these thoughts started being a hurdle for me in turn, I knew that something was wrong, and that something needs to be done about it. As a student, I was a scholar, an achiever, also a trained classical dancer and singer- I was always under the spotlight. People would admire me, talk to me about how popular I was in school and college but little did they all know that with all the recognition, I was still questioning my abilities each day, I would still feel incompetent, and would question myself every single day. Professionally, I am a Forensic Psychologist, and apart from that people say that I have good counseling skills, they say that I am a good listener. But this listener needs a good listener as well! Amidst all the chaos from the anxiety, keeping myself sane enough was the best I was doing at one point until now. But even that came with a lot of self-doubt. With this pertinent question in my mind as to what shall be done, here I am making art out of my anxiety!

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